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Jun 13, 2018
It's really about time for this upgrade. I have purchased 2 XOOs, modding one, and a pair of E-mu teaks just to get rid of that ridiculous cable. The thing is, having a detachable cable is nice, but its really just about the 1 gauge, 50 lbs cable that comes with the x00s. omg, I hate that thing. I took the old cable from the modded pair and I now use it on my winch to pull tractors out of ditches. But the headphone itself, made of sweet jesusness. I slapped some mr speaker tuning pads (doggy treats) in there to calm the treble just a bit (or tubes work, as well, to this endeavor) and, of course a pad change and I have myself my favorite set of headphones, ever (non-Stax). I switch to my HD-600s for classical/choral/opera and my 1more triple bitches for portable/isolation, but otherwise, its these...theeeeese.
Jun 13, 2018
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