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Oct 4, 2018
first time feel so satisfied with massdrop's shipment. but I take one star off cuz, when wearing for it like over 1h or 2, if one gets used to beyerdynamic or AKG's design, my head starts to feel like squeezed so badly. But the rest 4 stars are for the overall sound quality and the look. the outer shell of x00 is amazing, since that a lot of Japan hifi brands were using wood for the outer shell, it is quite challenging for fostex to deliver a competitive sound among all those pieces, but I have to say it succeeded, or at least I am happy with the sound. I have owned dt1990, t90 t70 from beyerdynamic, k701, q701 and k7xx from AKG, as well as a few more products from sony and shure including Z7, xba-z5, 1000xm2, WF1000x and se846. So I have really listened to a variety of headphones including those highly praised like z1r, HD800 and some electrostatic headsets, personally speaking I prefer electronic music, orchestra and a bit of vocals, and tr-x00 is so special that, even it shares with sony z7 the same closed back design, x00's soundstage is , from the way i see it, much better, than z7's, considering first the intensity of the sound and spatial distribution of instruments, i really perfer x00 over z7. and this one is just even more powerful than 1990, deliver the true enthusiasm from music and one can easily tell that. the bass is more than enough but still keeps a good distance from the most vocal, so to speak the vertical sound-stage is great, while we are not comparing it with q701 or hd800 since they are all open-backs. i have to say x00 is so good that i havent really find any kind of music that doesn't fit its style. but of course, it needs some decent amp/DAC depending on what you really want. could be a bit hard to fully drive it but its just good to have one.
Oct 4, 2018
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