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Nov 28, 2015
I would like to share my thoughts on where the stuff is being made and how it might affect it.I want to mention that i myself is Russian living in U.S for more than 20 years and also lived in Czech republic for 5 and a half.So,let's start of with Mercedes quality has changed tremendously since 90's when most of their new employees due to the salary cuts i guess became a workers from Turkey.Would they change themselves as people if they get payed in euros in different country? Maybe a little but just by DNA they are not going to become German out of the blue with German attention to detail and perfectionism.Therefore the best Mercedes to last more than 30 years is the ones that are made before 90's.Now,my AKG812 that i got from the Massdrop are excellent headphones but they are made in Slovakia.What is the difference you might ask? I'll tell you.Slovakia is a former part of Czechoslovakia with the huge beer culture.Most of the workers have 3 beers by the 12 p.m and it's accepted in their country.Also they are extremely lazy in a good Eastern European sense, they just value slow paced comfortable life over stressed out pace of U.S for example.Therefore most stuff besides shoes that is made in Czech republic doesn't last long at all.They just don't possess the German or Austrian ethics.Same is Russia, you will never see any good consumer product that is made in Russia.Everyone is too hangover from the last night vodka consumption:)They make it but the quality sucks big time.So,when we see that AKG is not made in Austria or Mercedes is not made by German workers or Fostex not made in Japan it's not a racism issue but the fact that we pay money for this product being made by the best workers on the planet probably and when it's not the case we get upset:)) China is not that bad actually because i think that Chinese are pretty disciplined people in comparison to Eastern Europe.
Nov 28, 2015
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