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Dec 6, 2015
Just chiming in to the guy that was wondering about the HA-2 with the TH-X00. I think it will pair phenomenally. However, personally, if you have the money to go for a $500 dac/amp combo, go with a Schiit Bifrost.
I have the original 4390 Bifrost uber, and the ESS on the HA-2 just doesn't sound as "musical" up top.
Don't get me wrong, the HA-2 sounds amazing, was able to enjoy my DT880 600ohm's again.. drastically changed the character of it in a VERY, VERY good way.
ESS dacs has a tendency to sound rough on high treble, makes certain genres just unbearable for me at least. But definetly will sound good, if you aren't as annoyed by that, or just have the right music pairing.
Sounds redic with the SE846's, on the T90's it's pretty good too. I would say to me, it's just 1 small notch below the Bifrost Uber + Magni 2 combo with the T90.
Dec 6, 2015
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