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Jan 28, 2020
New R-value (standard ASTM F3340-18) published by Klymit: All insulated Klymit mat go from R4.4 to R1.9. This explain why I can't sleep on snow with the mine... So, insulated, but only summer use... forget winter.
Apr 29, 2020
RedfishTheCatWait so the insulated version shouldn't be used below freezing? I used mine last year at around -5c and was pretty warm
Oct 4, 2020
Maxplosive-5°C on air or on ground ? -5°C on air during night is possible with a hot ground, if day was hot and/or under sunlight all day. This mat is R1.9 with new standard... so it mean, for a ground near 3~4°C. Not enough for winter use (snow is -1°C in better way, and can be lower... -5°C is commom, -10°C could happen. Ice is even colder). A mat with R4.4 must be able to be confort for ground near -20°C... this klymit can't.
Feb 23, 2021
RedfishTheCatNot that anyone will read this probably, but I feel that Kylmit's pad do not test well on the new system. That being said, I use a 20° Massdrop quilt with a static V lite and am very comfortable down to freezing 32F. I have many nights at that temp. At 25F I start to feel some cold. Overall that is much warmer than a 1.9 rating. My Uberlite with a 2.3 rating is so cold to me even at 45F. So just my experience. And I would never expect a 4.4r value to be good at -20C, that just seems unreasonable at that temp. That would be like using an X-lite. Maybe if paired with a CCF under it to boost to 6r or more. But of course, everyone sleeps differently.
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