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Feb 8, 2018
I received my minimic on Jan. 13th and as of today, Feb. 8th, it suddenly stopped working. I have tried multiple computer restarts and port swapping, and couldn't figure out what the problem was. I previously used an Antlion modmic 4 up until I got the minimic, so I went and found my the modmic, plugged it in, and it worked on both the front and back microphone in jacks. Because of this I can only assume something happened to my minimic, I don't see any noticeable damage anywhere on the wire or the microphone neck. The only thing I could imagine that happened to it is that I put my computer to sleep the night before, as opposed to locking it and maybe something happened to it when I unslept it with the power button tonight? Other than that I have no idea.
This sucks too because I was enjoying the minimic up until this point, hopefully I find a solution or I might have to contact support and request a refund. :/
Feb 8, 2018
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