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May 3, 2018
In theory, the Minimic attempts to create a value proposition over the tried and tested Antlion Modmic. Having owned both sets, I will say the Modmic is the far superior choice.
The Massdrop Minimic fails in 2 glaring ways:
1. The adhesive & mounting mechanism. For some reason, Massdrop has continued to get this wrong. If you look around, you will see countless reviews and issues with the adhesive not sticking to headphones. I personally dislike the velcro mounting mechanism as it is non-adjustable and is prone to ripping off the adhesive. The Antlion Modmic is superior in this respect as it uses a magnetic mounting system with one magnet that sticks on the side of the headphone. It allows for more play.
2. The mute control. Instead of a typical on/off button like the Modmic has, the Minimic has a slider that operates somewhat in a wonky fashion. I personally don't need a volume control on a mic, just a simple on/off switch will do.
The mic itself works excellent. However, due the aforementioned reasons I simply cannot recommend this product. Spend the extra money for the Antlion Modmic - it is more flexible, more versatile, and easier to use.
May 3, 2018
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