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May 3, 2018
+ Great sound quality (better vs Modmic 4.0) + The adjustable portion of the mic is great (better vs Modmic 4.0) - Velcro mounting mechanism sucks (Modmic 4.0's magnetic solution beats this by 100 to 1) +/- The mute slider should just be a simpler switch or a button EDIT 12.02.2019: My mic started acting up, and finally stopped working. The mute slider was still creating audible pops on audio though, so I thought it has to be some sort of contact problem. I opened the mute slider and indeed saw that a wire had come loose. (It detached completely when I opened the mute slider up). I soldered it back and gave the back of the slider the superglue treatmeant. The solders seemed quite sloppy to me, and I don't even know that much about soldering etc. I seemed to have fixed it for now, but just keep in mind that even though the sound quality is better than ModMic 4, quality wise you get what you pay for... Redacted to 3 stars from 4.
May 3, 2018
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