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Jun 7, 2018
The Mic itself is very good and does its job well. The metal and plastic build is suitable, but too heavy for the weak velcro material, which means it is constantly falling off over slight tugs and bumps. I have superglued the velcro pad back onto the cable 3 times now. Honestly just increasing the length and width of the Velcro pad would fix this. A friend of mine made his own version of this with a cheap $10 Lav mic, some malleable rubber tubing, stiff molding, and a long length of Velcro attached to his HD 600s, which both worked and sounded way better at a lower price point.
For 25$, this isn't the worst. But be prepared to make some modifications or just deal with constant velcro issues. Personally, I'd recommend what my friend did, because it seems both this and expensive Antlions are not great solutions to a pretty simple problem.
Jun 7, 2018
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