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Sep 26, 2018
Just got an email from Massdrop asking me to review this. I had no idea they were still selling it, and I'm writing this to help save you $25.
If this is the same mic I purchased on the original drop, stay as far away as possible.
The audio quality is unusable. Pure static. It sounds like its constantly clipping, and no audio software or settings can fix it. It just sounds like you shoved the mic down your throat.
Massdrop has refused to acknowledge that a large number of their mics that went out with this drop suffered from this, and refused to admit they made a mistake with this product.

Beyond the mic quality, this utilizes the absolute thinnest cable I have ever seen on a computer accessory. I'd recommend using your cell phone headphones over this, as the quality and reliable is far superior.
Avoid this like the plague.
Sep 26, 2018
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