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Sep 27, 2018
Hi everyone,
I received my minimic yesterday and was playing with it since then. To all fairness the build quality is not as good compared to my modmic 5 but sound quality is OK. My friends on discord found me sounding better with the minimic then my modmic 5. but with recording modmic 5 is better. After one day usage i am satisfied, but we will see coming weeks ;). The adhesive does it job but thinking of upgrading the it with 3m dual lock velcro 400 since the one i received is 250 witch has less lock mechanism. - The good is u can move it around easy compared to the modmic since that one sticks like a tank. - The bad build quality and the velcro should have been the 400.
All around satisfied since its a third of what i paid for my modmic 5.
Sep 27, 2018
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