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Oct 2, 2018
I think for the price you pay for this microphone is okay but is it really worth buying something cheap that you will be using for long time? The quality of the product doesn't feel cheap but the velcro attachment that you put on your headphones wasn't strong enough to stay on my headphone. I tried using the extra velcro that they gave you and it still didn't hold up. I wish I could use a different adhesive but the velcro attachment is stuck onto the mic and the worst part is that it doesn't adjust up and down on the microphone so that I can adjust how close or far I want the microphone to be. I am not saying I can't bend it, but the velcro adhesive is stuck on one position on the microphone so I am unable to adjust it vertically the microphone by moving it up and down. Then there is the mic quality sounded a lot better than I thought but I had to adjust a lot of my sound setting to get make the microphone loud enough to be heard. However, after adjusting all the setting, the mic sounded good, no muffle sound, no background noise getting picked up, and you can clearly hear the voice of the person on the microphone. The voice doesn't sound crispy like if you bought a headphone with a built in microphone but you can hear the voice clear enough without any distraction from random background noise or weird buzzing noises. Overall the Minimic microphone is a good microphone for something cheap but be ready to mess around with the product sound setting and adjusting the placement of the mic or if it falls off the velcro cause the adhesive doesn't stick well. I believe you should think about buying a more expensive standalone microphone because it is something you are going to use for long time so invest into something good for the build and sound quality.
Oct 2, 2018
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