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Jan 18, 2019
I do not recommend this mic, if I could go back I would've just paid more money for something higher quality. Major issues are:
  • Fasteners/adhesives are total garbage its either popping loose from the "velcro style" pop lock at inconvenient times or the adhesive needs replaced. I try to just leave it alone so not to agitate it, can't slide it up out of the way it's either on or off.
  • Boom arm is way too easy to manipulate it just kind of drifts off or shifts locations on its own.
  • The min/max slider switch seems like it would change mic sensitivity but it's strictly just a mute, so why is it labeled wrong and why is it a slider and not a tactile switch that I can be confident if it's muted and won't accidentally slide up too far and unmute at inconvenient times. It's like they made do with leftover parts from a discontinued model.
  • Noise cancelation is very poor.
  • A very non-intrusive low freq hum is usually accompanied when mic is on, sometimes hardly noticeable and least of issues but it's there.
  • Although it hasn't proved an issue since I haven't used this mic for extended time the cord is very thin and cheap and probably wouldn't last long.
Jan 18, 2019
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