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Aug 14, 2017
If you are still hesitating which model to buy. (buy Standard Gain and if you do not like, you can easily modify it into Moderate Gain). Just found this info online, not sure whether this will really work. How to turn Standard Gain Model into Moderate Gain one. Looks very easy. Can someone give a comment about it?
P.S. Some update about the same:
P.S.S. and one more (it works): <<< Since I am only using efficient headphones, I used my pathetically bad solder skills to "desolder" the two resistors on my O2. With "desolder" I mean fruitlessly burning away at the underside and then ripping the resistors out :S. It still works though.Anyway, there is not much difference between unity gain and the previous 2.5x. With my X2s for example, I used to be able to dial up to 10 O'clock until ear bleed started to happen. Now it's 12 O'clock. My SD2 IEMs went from 7 O'clock to 9 O'clock max. >>>
And more (just will keep it here for future references): (
Aug 14, 2017
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