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Mar 15, 2018
Hi. I'm a longtime music lover, high end 2 channel in a small room. Detail with musicality is the goal, non-amplified music in a real space "the impossible chase." Back when my now 20 year old son was toddling, I had a good Antique Audio tubed dedicated headphone amp with Senn 600's /aftermarket cable and upgraded NOS tubes. I do not like "old tube" sound, preferring speed and solid bass slam. The Objective 2 (O2) Amp approaches that sound with more precise detail and a broader sound stage. I am now using Sennheiser over-ear Momentum headphones (sealed) and am enjoying the Objective 2 immensely as a bedroom alternative, with a Yamaha TX-1000U tuner as a source. A strong, good FM signal still competes strongly with TIDAL MQA and lossless, in my experience. I've rated 4 stars simply because I have not compared the amp to its high-priced brethren. Put simply, under $100...a no-brainer. Cheers & happy listening! Norm
Mar 15, 2018
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