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Oct 2, 2018
Clear sound!!
was trying to get nice sound from my pc (ASrock Purity sound 4 said to be able to drive '600 ohms') to no avail... bought this and the sound coming out, paired with AKG K7xx is very clear tonality..
comparing it to my Sound blaster G5X the output would be same if not G5X is 'stronger'. then again G5X is a USB DAC/AMP.
overall i'm liking this thing a lot for clear and i dont know... 'neutral'? sound? but anyway, this amp made me like my 'lousy' M/B sound again.
o, when i use it as Amp for the G5X, it is heaven (i like the sound from G5X).
edit: i recently got my 600 ohms DT 990Pro, it can drive it nicely. though comparing MD O2 + motherboard as DAC with a SB G5X might not be fair (hell the motherboard sound say 600 ohms, 32 bit sound and my SB G5X is only 24 bit)
anyhow, i'm not sure i can plug the MDO2 as amp for my G5X... that would be another addition to this review.
Oct 2, 2018
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