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Oct 22, 2015
Finally got my O2 (I'm in Australia), and... it has problems.
It sounds good when gain is on the high setting, but when it's on low gain, the sound is shifted really noticeably over on the left side, and it generally sounds bad.
I think it's either a bad switch or a bad solder joint because if you wiggle the switch for a while, sometimes it sounds OK, but only for a second at a time.
I'm using it with 250Ohm dt880's. I'm not sure but should the low gain setting be a lot softer than high gain? It's only a little bit softer on mine.
Also it seems to clip quite easily, I was using a Cmoy before, which sounded fine and never clipped no matter how high I set the PC volume, but I had to turn down the volume on the PC to about 1/2 to 3/4 the level that I used with the Cmoy in order to avoid clipping on loud songs with this O2. Does that sound normal for an O2?
I'm pretty disappointed to be honest. Now I'm in the position where I don't really want to send it back because I live so far away and I've waited so long, and it does sound good when on high gain, but it's definitely not the quality I expected. Plus now there's a desktop version available that I actually wanted all along. So it's a pretty disappointing drop all around for me.
I'll probably end up opening it up and reflowing the switch connections to see if that makes a difference, unless you guys advise me to do something else.
Actually I'll send a message to Massdrop support.
Oct 22, 2015
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