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Oct 28, 2015
Question - I'm going to use this mostly with two sources - a HotAudio DAC Wow (2Vrms - see ), and Cambridge Audio 640P phono preamp, which according to manual has a 'nominal output' for MM cartridges of 300mV. What's the best gain combination for something like this? Is the 1.0/3.3x combo even possible to attain via the removal of resistors? Update - second question: Is there any real advantage to having an amp at all with fairly low impedance (30-63ohm) 'phones? Maybe just because of the phono output level...?
EDIT: Knowledgeable guy on reddit gave me my answer:
"Here is the list.
1x - no resistor 2x - 1.5K 2.5x - 1K 3x - 715 4x - 498 5x - 365 6x - 301 6.5x - 274 7x - 243 8.5 - 200 10x - 165 12x - 133
R17, R21 for gain switch out R19, R23 for gain switch in
It's all in the documents. "
Oct 28, 2015
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