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May 20, 2018
So since I will not be able to test run these before I purchase them, I am asking to see how the Massdrop + Universal, Nobel X and the LS-300is all around this pricing best for my need... 1) on portable device (NW-ZX100) only, I prefer over the ear headphones at home 2) preference of music - classical (mainly violin and symphonies) and some JPops 3) use them during daily commute in public transportation (buses and subway), I use over the ear NC headphones when I am having my plane ride
I some time feel that unlike using a DAC, Amp and listen in a quiet room, I only use the IEM on my portable device which isn't top notch, I am listening in a kind of noise environment... so is the quality of the IEM even make that much difference? Will a cheap one work as well since I am not listening in a quiet environment anyway?
I will post this under the other 2 IEM I am interested as well. Any advise will help!
May 20, 2018
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