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Oct 15, 2020
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable & cheap interchangeable parts.
  • Natural & neutral sound.
  • Great Value.
  • Amp is not required.
  • Lack bass.
  • Recessed treble.
  • Earpads are not deep (classic headphone).
  • The worst headphone for gaming.
  • Amp is recommended.
Sound: If you have looked at the FR you can see they rolled off from both ends so early, which concludes to warm sound. However, this might sound boring for most people espically with lacks of the Bass dynamics & punch, if you're a basshead get away from these and get the dt770 or hd58x at least. The problem I found with the bass is the hump in the mid-bass region tends to bleed into the low-mids which creates a boomy bass that ruin this region of the frequencies, also it doesn't has authority and impact for sure (Oulv's gadget& zeous sound demos clarify my staement). Mids are amazingly detailed and very natural, every instrument sounds realistic and well-separated. Although, vocals are shouty and if you turn up the volume they become even more shoutier, so eq them properly is recommended but overall so rich and smooth. Treble has good resolution not sparkly & airy but somewhat recessed however so detailed. Soundstage is narrow which is really anoying, becuase when you listen to orchestra music or watching a movie, everything sounds so mixed and closed in and you feel like you can't breathe lol, and that's a big issue specifically with the veiled treble (so bad experience). Imaging is so bad!, left, right & center seperation is good but the sounds cut off in the 45 degree which leads to non-enjoyable gaming experience. Just a last thing, these are the best headphone I've ever listened to for JAZZ, I mean wow that high notes mixed with smooth mids gives it a unique experience that you will not find it in any headphone under $200. However, I sold it due to my music genres I usually listen to , which are pop & Arabic music. So my advice if you're using it with music that are not bassy or little bit bassy, defenitely recommended!.
Oct 15, 2020
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