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Sep 21, 2022
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The cheaply built recessed king
The Sennheiser 650's are a classic I've wanted to get my hands on for years, once I learned Drop was doing a cheaper version, I eagerly awaited to have some free money i could spend them on. For reference the only Sennheiser's I used before these were the hd 700's which as much as i enjoyed their comfort, great detail and tight bass the treble on them sounded wonky and made it so many songs had sibilance that outwardly hurt my ears. Once these arrived, the first things i noticed were the cable, although plain I preferred infinitely over the awful stiff stock cable for the hd 700's that ended up shorting out on me. The build quality is incredibly cheap, the plastic is some of the cheapest looking stuff ive seen on a headphone in this price range, but that is the sacrifice for getting them cheaper. (Although if drop keeps raising the price it's going to hit a point where it makes more sense to get the actual 650's on sale on amazon). The soundstage isn't quite as wide as the 700's but it is still plenty wide and roomy feeling. The mids are the most prominent with the bass being lighter but not non-existent and still plenty to accompany the mids in a way that feels natural. The biggest difference i noticed was the classic Sennheiser treble veil, the treble is not incredibly resolving which for some people is a huge huge deal, but if that's not a big deal too you or you have ears that are sensitive to treble than this may be a neutral or even positive quality to the buyer. The impendence is pretty high and i would recommend you use a dac and an amp of some variety, I paired them with my ifi micro idsd and it powers them incredibly easily, but I know that many cheaper amps or amp/dac combos would power them and sound just as good. Over-all I would recommend these headphones, they're a good start into the world of open back headphones and have an overall easy to listen to sound signature that is very non-fatiguing
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