Dec 4, 2017
Subject: Massdrop Customer Service Rocks
Massdrop Community, A few weeks ago my HD 6XX headphones were delivered to my doorstep (nov 14th). Exactly 2 minutes after delivery, they were stolen from my doorstep as witnesses from my Ring Doorbell security camera. I was distraught - I contacted my local police department, my post office, and Massdrop - and I even posted a link in the discussion here to the Massdrop community with a link to the videos.
Massdrop went above and beyond. They fully refunded my $$ within 2 days and apologized even though this was not their fault. I still didn't have my headphones so I signed up for the next drop scheduled to ship next March. I figured the issue ran its course and that was it. But there is more....
What happened a few days ago left me speechless. I got an unexpected E-mail from Mike at Massdrop (tracking number edited out, but otherwise a direct copy).
" Hey Ling, Let's just say I didn't think it was cool that you wouldn't have your set of HD6XX headphones before the holidays. ;) You'll notice on your account that your newest order of the HD6XX was canceled and refunded today. I processed this request because you won't need it anymore due to a new pair of HD6XX being sent on their way to you currently! Here's your tracking number: XXXXXXX (FedEx) The tracking number should update later today when the carrier comes to pick up the package. This isn't something we usually do but we hope this helps you enjoy the holidays a little more. Send over a quick email once they arrive so I know these actually made it to you safe and sound and have a great weekend!  -Mike "
What they did was obviously not their policy and I cannot guarantee you that they do this for your order. But it does show that they will do whatever they can to make you, the customer, happy.
Massdrop has a customer for life.
Merry Christmas!
Dec 4, 2017
Ok, we need some Good Guy Massdrop memes (or specifically Mike and his team) lol
Can you provide a link to the video?
Dec 4, 2017
link to video getting delivered at 1:31 pm. If you keep watching the video - you will see a white honda civic - 2 door drive past about 30 seconds after the postman drops off the package.
link to the video of the theft at 1:33 pm. There is that white honda civic again. I'm kinda ticked that the Ring camera did not get a good clear pic of the perp face.
I think I found the thief, but I don't want to post that publicly yet as I forwarded that info to the police.
Thanks for the videos!
Is the camera capturing 24/7 or is it motion-activated? I assume the camera captured more of the perp walking up to your doorstep and you just edited the video. However, you complain about the camera not having captured a clearer picture of his face so I'm not so sure. Do you think he recognized the Ring doorbell and turned his face away when approaching your doorstep?
I'm glad you got footage of his car at least, and the fact that he's got identifying tattoos should help. I really hope the police nab the guy and you pursue legal action. Ugh, seeing that video makes me sick.
Dec 4, 2017
The video is motion-activated. The video camera is this one. I do recommend it. Hmm, maybe Massdrop should do a drop on these things. My ring cameras are replacing my Nest cameras throughout the house as the monthly cloud recording fee is much more economical.
The video is unedited. I tested it over and over. If you walk up to the door, the camera records you walking up. This guy ran up to the door. I'm not sure if he saw the camera or not.
I do hope the police catch him, but the moral of the story is Massdrop rocks.
Dec 6, 2017
I had the ring doorbell before. It only captures when it senses motion, so if some thief runs up to the door quickly there will be a delay before it starts recording.
Seems like quite a serious vulnerability to these camera systems.
Dec 8, 2017
I'd be a good idea for these cameras to have a small buffer of memory where when it senses motion it can also have the last 15s or so beforehand included.
Dec 9, 2017
Dude, that's AMAZING! You are blessed. Mike, you're an awesome person. Blessings to you!!! Mike, the type of dude to kiss his pet rock at night. =D
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