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Mar 15, 2018
Mine arrived today.
I'm currently listening to Beethoven Symphony No. 7, Minnesota Orchestra - Osmo Vänskä, cond. The equipment I'm using is an Onkyo C-7030 CD Player feeding a Shiit Audio Vali 2 headphone amp.
This is an orchestra with which I'm very familiar and attend concerts regularly. That is to say I know their sound and the characteristics of their performancs.
The HD 6XX's are absolutely faithful to the sound and clarity one experiences at Orchestra Hall. Principals, in solo passages, are heard with the exact same timbre and sonic nuances as one hears in live performances. The sound stage is perfectly presented and the articulation is stunning. This is the most faithful reproduction I have ever experienced with headphones.
Some may prefer a more clinical reproduction, however I'm attracted to the sonic sumptuousness of these phones. There is no loss of clarity or detail in the performance of theses fine musicians. I find the frequency range to be exceptionally well balanced. Nothing jumps out with exaggerated force.
All in all, these are virtuoso headphones to enjoy virtuoso performances.
I think you will all enjoy your 6XX experiences.
Mar 15, 2018
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