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Apr 6, 2018
Great purchase. A noticeably different sound signature than my 598, and a more prevalent "veil" (whether you prefer it or not will depend on the type of music you listen to and your personal preferences). I personally love it, it is soothing, less harsh in the highs than my Sennheiser 598 and has a much wider soundstage than my Audio Technica Ath M50x.
A bit uncomfortable at the beginning because of the clamping force but it did get better after about a week or so of daily use, plus you can accelerate the process (See this link: It is now the most comfortable pair of headphones I own.
The only quirk really is the fact that there is an annoying "creaking sound" every time I do even the slightest movement with the headphones on my head while wearing glasses. Absolutely nothing when I put it directly on my face and the amplitude of the noise varies depending on the frame of the pair of glasses that I use, so I don't think it is a manufacturing defect but rather the ear pads not pairing well with my glasses. I will probably buy different earpads and see what happens.
Ps: I am not using a Dac yet. I am using an amp (magni 2). I deemed it was necessary because I tried to plug the headphones directly to my laptop, and I would say it depends on what you consider loud "enough". With modern music (typically louder than old classical songs for example) it gets loud enough if you're willing to increase the volume to 100% but it will certainly not blow your mind either. So wait for the pair and see for yourself if you need the amp or not. As for my phone, I am using the international version of the LG G6 with the "Hi-Fi Quad Dac" which is basically, for those who don't know, a High Gain function that allows you to power high impedance Headphones like the 6xx. The difference in volume is night and day to the point where to me, it's a necessity with headphones like these (A good demonstration of the HI-Fi Dac from this video here at 4:34: Your mileage may vary so look around a bit to see if your phone is powerful enough to drive these properly.
Overall, great purchase. The price is amazing, and assuming you are on the market for an open back pair of headphones, go for it.

Apr 6, 2018
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