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Apr 6, 2018
Excellent tonal balance. Never fatiguing, never harsh. Sound a bit dull initially if you're used to a more vivid presentation, but paradoxically there is lots of detail and the imaging is precise. Very good all around headphones, though they're especially well suited to acoustic music. Vocals can raise goosebumps, and are almost totally lacking in sibilance. Good bass for an open back design, but probably won't satisfy those who listen mainly to edm or hip hop. I find them comfortable after break in, though I never forget I'm wearing them. Not at all suitable for portable or public use, but that's probably obvious. As for power needs, I'm using a Corda Jazz amp (with its excellent crossfeed circuit engaged). These headphones need power, and the amp I'm using is sufficient, but they could probably benefit from more power. I hope to try them with a beefy otl tube amp someday.
Apr 6, 2018
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