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Apr 9, 2018
All this stuff is subjective. Your hearing - not just where you are on the natural hearing decay curve, but also how much critical listening training you've had (as a professional musician until my early 20s... I had way more than I wanted to have) may make your opinion different than mine. But. Open back headphones sound so much more natural and spacious than closed back, and these get the sound well outside of my thick skull. Many open back headphones are bass shy, and these aren't. They're not bass rich (if you love a sound heavily tilted towards bass, these aren't yours... but if you like bass but not if it distracts from everything else... well then come on down.)
Despite my age and affection for the loudest bands around in my time, my hearing is still really good. (I can still hear the f-ing annoying high frequency annoyers at convenience stores.) These are excellent. Are they over a thousand dollars amazing? Probably not. Nor do they cost that. Nor would I ever cough up that money for headphones. But they're the best open backs I've heard, and I've got five sets (from dirt cheap Porta-Pros up) and a bunch of closed backs.
They're also comfortable. And comfortable for clowns like me with larger than normal ears. Another issue to consider.
Apr 9, 2018
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