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Apr 9, 2018
For those who are unaware, these are essentially a special Massdrop branded version of the classic HD 650’s, loved by audiophiles for many years.
The drivers and sound profile are unchanged - which is a good thing. The only difference is minor design changes mostly around the colour of the unit.
Quality is top notch. Both physical build, and audio quality.
The sound on these things is simply amazing. They are a bit harder to drive compared with cheaper headphones though. On my iPhone 6s, max volume was “loud”, but not as loud as some may prefer. On my HP Spectre x360, the max volume was noticeably louder.
What does that mean? Well it largely depends on two variables: what device you are using (phone, laptop, etc), and what your personal preference is for “loudness”.
If you find them too quie, simply pick up one of the many quality Headphone Amplifiers available. A good headphone amplifier will take the “loudness” of a headphone, and boost it, without making the sound quality worse.
Some may also prefer to get an external DAC (Digital to Analog converter), to get even better sound quality out of these. Whether you need a DAC depends on the quality of your source files (don’t bother if all your music is in MP3 format), and how good the internal DAC is on your device.
Many computers and phones ones now have high quality DAC’s built right into them. Both of my primary devices sound totally fine without an external DAC, so I opted not to buy one.
But if you want to squeeze every ounce of performance, and have the budget to do it? Definitely pick up a good DAC/Amp combo.
Apr 9, 2018
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