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Apr 10, 2018
I like open back, high impedance headphones. Coupled with a nice studio grade amplifier you get very open sound with a lot of space and a noise floor that goes to inaudible. I alternate between the HD650 and the Beyerdynamic 880 High Impedance and I don’t have a favorite. They both are very good. You can spend a lot more for cans but you won’t get very much better sound.
When the HD6xx came up, I bought 2. They are built to last and easy to take down and replace any part. But even so, it never hurts to have a spare at this price. I have several pairs now, and I might take the headband, harps and trim rings of my oldest pair, scuff them right good and give them to my hot rod painter friend for a custom paint job. Whatevs.
The sound is why you buy these. They’re open so limited usability on the road. But in your listening den after midnight they are just fantastic. You should get a powerful amp for these. I use a vintage Crown D-75 I got at a radio station auction. It is a 35 wpc rackmount beast whose headphone out connects directly to the main outputs. It was 35 dollars. I feed it with an Apple AirPort Express, a discontinued bit of WiFi whizbangery that has a very nice internal d/a converter and preout stage. It receives lossless digital streamed from my network drive, competently converts it and controls the Crown’s output level. It was 20 bucks on eBay.
The network attached storage I keep for other things but it is like magic for listening to music. the result of this cut-rate system is as though I had a good SACD player or high res DAP hooked up directly to this amp with unlimited music on it. You can have this system stream music to everywhere on your property just by hitting eBay and getting another AirPort Express for each zone, and some speakers and amps to connect them to.
I do this. The headphone station is the cheapest of all the streaming setups in the house, and it sounds the best. Just do it. You’ll rediscover your love of music.
Apr 10, 2018
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