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Apr 10, 2018
After missing the first 2 drops on this i finally managed to get a pair. Previously i was using HD598's and the sound was not a huge change from those but that could be down to me not having a DAC, comfort however was a huge step up and the ear pads and headband are extremely comfortable and i often forget that im wearing headphones. That being said though you do need to bend the headband out a bit when you get them as it has an unpleasant clamping pressure out of the box due to what i believe is an aluminum head band.
Overall these headphones were a great purchase and after attaching the Massdrop minimic they've become my headphones for gaming as well. I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants a great entry level audiophile experience. These headphones will be what i use until either they break or i can afford to buy HD800's, 5/5.
Apr 10, 2018
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