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Apr 10, 2018
I've had two 6XXs. The first, around 2017-2018, I used with Schiit Stack + sheepskin pads. It sounded sensational, particularly after the pads change - just a smidgen more bass impact but still keeping it 'professional'. I eventually sold it due to not getting enough use (also - deep sense of shame/irony spending up to $500 on a system to use with lossy Spotify on a browser). I repurchased the 6XX during Black Friday 2019 as I need a set of cans purely for home use. Straight from NAD C320BEE (good old 2000s era amp with 220ohms), it sounded brilliant. Source is Project Debut turntable. Now, my conscience is clear - I'm feeding these brilliant cans with proper music - not some lossy, ill-mastered, poor dynamic range source. Also, the Romanian is better built than my last Irish made sample. The plastic edges are smoother, more precise moulds - it’s a shame that Sennheiser omits the 'Made in xxx' labelling. Why hide it? In summary, my comment below from my original review still stands: Sure you can spend $000s more but the price/performance ratio quickly go downhill from here. This is endgame for me and I can't be more pleased.
Apr 10, 2018
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