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Apr 10, 2018
It definitely sounds better with the time, or at least that's my impression. It is an all-rounded headphone that sounds good with almost every genre. Of course, the experience does improve a lot with an amp, but if you listen through an iPad or a Mac (or PC, I guess) the amount of volume should be enough for non-audiophile users. Please have in mind that indeed there's a lot of clamping force and your head and ears will hurt, but it gets better with the time (although I have to say that my HD598 were a lot more confortable than these ones). TL;DR -> for this price, it's an amazing headphone, but have into account that they are open headphones (they leak a lot), there's no isolation and there's a lot of clamping force. Also, if you like bass, you will probably find them flat in that sense (although I compensate this with a Basslet bracelet that I bought from Kickstarter). This is just my personal opinion.
Apr 10, 2018
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