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Apr 10, 2018
My favorite thing about these headphones is the fit on my head, they're snug without becoming painful over long listening sessions (I've worn these headphones for more than 8 hours in a row some days without noticing any discomfort). I could say the same of the AKG K7XX's which I also own, but while those are almost equally comfortable, they aren't as snug fitting; I definitely couldn't move around in them very much without having them fall off my head. With the 6XX's, I could headbang if I wanted to without worrying about the headphones flying off my head.
As for the sound experience, these are easily the best headphones I've owned so far. The bass quality and quantity are higher than the K7XX's. Other than that, the mids and highs sound ever so slightly better, probably owing to the open back design being more open than the K7XX's.
On the subject of the open back design, the 6XX's definitely leak sound. Like, a lot of sound. They would not be suited for taking to am open office workplace. When I'm wearing these headphones at normal volume, my roommate can hear the leaking audio all the way in his room. When I'm not wearing them and I run some audio, I can hear the audio from my headphone stand 4 feet away as though I had my monitor speakers on. This isn't a detraction really, it's just the result of a very open back design and something to be aware of if you plan on buying these.
One other thought: The cord on these headphones is definitely way too short. Yes, I'm aware they make longer cords, but that's a separate purchase I shouldn't have to make. I'd rather the product just come with a short cord and a long cord, or at least a quality extension cord for the 1/8th inch audio.
Apr 10, 2018
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