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Apr 10, 2018
I know that HD650, and, by extension also HD6XX, is a highly regarded headphone(s) and is still seen by many as the reference point. But not to me.
I purchased a pair of HD6XX simply based on the discussion and reviews, largely due to the excitement about the availability of such seminal headphones on Massdrop. And within a few days I sold them to some one else who missed the original drop and was very happy to jump on the opportunity to fill his dream. These were good technically, and were quite comfortable to wear. It is just that the choice of tuning was very wrong for my liking.
What I would like to say is that these are very good headphones IF you like a particular sound. We all know that there are no perfect headphones for ALL people, and we all have different preferences. Otherwise life would be boring. But the HD6XX were so far away from my preferences, that I found them completely unlistenable. They were SO warm sounding (and I tried it with a few amps) that I could not enjoy much music with them. Yes, there were some pieces (mostly piano focused) where they sounded well enough, but , honestly, they were putting me to sleep. I do prefer neutral and very detailed headphones without fatiguing, and my favourite HPs tend to be planars (Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Closed) and electrostatics, (old Stax), and I did enjoy more neutral Sennheisers more, as well as AKG2XX.
I just think that the personal preferences are so important for choosing the headphones, and as many reviewers have voiced, one needs to either try the headphones of interest prior to purchasing, or know how they compare to other models one is familiar to. For me the sound of DH600/6XX is the sound to stay away from. For others it may be the bee's knees.
Apr 10, 2018
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