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Apr 10, 2018
What a fantastic set of headphones for a great price. Sennheiser and I go way back to the 70's, and I've never been disappointed. Sure, this is now an aging design...but they got it right. Aside from the initial clamp, which can be lessened in a short amount of time, the comfort is such that it can be worn for very long listening sessions. And, if you're not happy with the sound signature for a particular genre/song, by all means feel free to throw a little EQ in there until it suits you. The point is, enjoy the music.
Now. There are those that will tell you not to buy these if you don't have an amp. If there's one thing I'm certain is that people cave to popular opinion or are more worried about the equipment instead of the music. 40+ years in this "hobby"...I've been there. It can be fun (and expensive). But, don't let the lack of an amp (or as some will say "the right amp"), deter you from getting these. I've used these directly with my laptop, my phone, my Chromebook...all without an external DAC or amp and been thoroughly happy with the sound. Oh, they may not be driven to ear-splitting sound pressure levels...but it's enjoyable. And you know what happens when I DO use my dac/amp? It AMPLIFIES the sound. It doesn't do anything magical. It doesn't produce anything that's not already there. It simply amplifies the sound. But, if you listen thru your ears and not someone else's opinion...the results CAN be magical.
So, wherever you're at in your audio(phile) journey, I highly recommend this set these cans with whatever equipment you have. And, if you feel you're missing out on something equipment-wise, by all means do what you think will make you happy. Just don't forget to enjoy the music.
Apr 10, 2018
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