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Apr 10, 2018
Absolutely fantastic sound and comfort for the price. These are only a tiny step below my Sennheiser HD700 which I paid more than double the cost of these for. From a sound perspective I actually find the two headphones to be better for different types of listening, with the 6XX shining with rock/metal while the 700 is superior for all-around use, and has become my go-to headset for gaming too (Antlion ModMic 4). The largest difference I've found is in comfort. The 700 are hands-down the most comfortable headphone I've ever worn, and I own ~10 pairs of audiophile headphones. Clamping force on the 6XX is quite extreme out of the box, I suggest expanding them to max size and *gently* bending the metal bands outwards to reduce clamping force. DO NOT do this inside the plastic, you'll risk cracking it. For driving these, I found they pair very well with the Schitt stack (in my case Modi Multibit + Magni 2 Uber).
Apr 10, 2018
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