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Apr 15, 2018
Hello everyone!
I bought a pair of these along with the Massdrop minimic as a gift for my brother to upgrade him from the Kingston Cloud 2 he had. But I'm really new to this all DAC and sound card thing, I usually use my Kingston Cloud usb soundcard and my Xbox One controller as a wireless soundcard for my PC.
I heard that FiiO E10K is the most popular budget solution here, but I stumbled upon Sound Blaster Omni and it sparked my interest since - it has a mic input (the mic input on his motherboard is horribly noisy and picks up impossible amounts of interference) - it has integrated mic for those moments when you dont want a second mic cable running along your headset or you dont want a mic in front of your face
But I cant seem to find a comparison of sound quality between these two. Is the FiiO a lot better at making this headset sound good? Or is the omni pretty good too? Maybe there are other alternatives with a mic input?
And one more question - for gaming and movies, is the creatives surround feature just a gimmick or should I try to pay extra to get something with virtual 7.1?
Thank you!
Apr 15, 2018
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