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Apr 27, 2018
The old classic that still lives up to its name (w/ new skins lol)
I’m pretty sure there’s enough people that raved about how good they sound so I’ll try to make this short as I can
Build quality: 4.5/5 (even if it’s mostly plastic, it feels sturdy where I wouldn’t care too much if these accidentally dropped from a moving car) *plus all parts are replaceable from sennheiser’s website so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Comfort: 3 —> 5 (once adjusted)/5 when you first get them, the clamping force on this will give some people a headache but you can adjust the clamping force by flexing the metal part of the headband **make sure you watch a video on how to do it or read up on it before you do it because if you bend the plastic part, you can break the headband!**
Aesthetics: 5/5 Aesthetics shouldn’t matter too much on headphones but i think these have one of the best designs for headphones!
Sound: 4.7/5 Bass rolls off like a typical open dynamic headphone but compensates for it w/ the midbass hump (some people hate it but i like it) so obviously not a basshead can Mids... wow this is what the sennheiser is known for... such smooth mids ...just wow lol Highs/treble is where a lot of the debate stems with the 600 vs 650 where 600 has better treble extension than the 650 w/ less mid bass hump which makes them more ideal neutral sounding than the 650. I actually owned both and i would say the difference is pretty minute. 650s/6xx are more warm/relax sounding but not that dratically different.
DAC/AMPs needed? Okay technically you CAN drive these from your laptop or smartphone it will get to a moderately loud volume, but they definitely scale up if you give it better equipments! I personally love the pairing with the Bottlehead Crack, which is an OTL tube amp.
Would I recommend this to anyone? Absolutely! (If you’re more of a neutral sounding guy, go on ebay and get yourself a hd600 used for about the same price)
I hope this helped!
Apr 27, 2018
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