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Apr 28, 2018
What I have to say might trigger some audiophiles. So, remember that I'm NOT an audiophile.
The sound quality of these headphones is incredible when paired with my newly purchased O2 Amp. I have a bit of an unusual setup because I connected my Amp to my Xonar DX soundcard instead of buying an external DAC. The sound remains clean and clear with no interference whatsoever.
I also own the HD 598 headphones (Ivory color) which are also open back and I think I've hit the limit in what I'm willing to invest in audio equipment because there's little to no difference in the overall sound quality between the HD 6XX. Sure, there's some extra power felt in some scenarios but when you notice a difference, it's NOT worth the extra cost compared to the HD 598. DO NOT buy if you have the HD 598 or 518 or 558.
This is as far as I will invest in headphones or audio in general because I've hit diminishing returns. I Absolutely LOVE these headphones and will never replace them unless they break.
I've mostly used cheap headphones. When I bought the first somewhat decent headphone, The Roccat Kave (The original 5.1 version), I was blown away by the jump in sound quality. When I later read some reviews for them, quite a few people felt that it sacrificed sound quality for the surround effect.
I decided that I would invest a bit more in audio to see if there would be any change in sound quality. I bought the Sennheiser HD 598 because of the insanely positive reviews and again I noticed a decent jump in quality, I lost the surround effect but was amazed by all the extra details I detected in all my usual songs and games. The open back design made me feel that the sound was not coming from the headphone but from further away. The 598 was THE MOST comfortable headphone I've ever used.
After that I bought the HD 6XX and noticed that they are less comfortable than my HD 598 and don't provide and meaningful jump in quality to justify the extra cost.
Apr 28, 2018
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