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May 18, 2018
I decided to update my review of the HD-6XX since I've had them since 2018 and they are fantastic and get better with better gear ... As with most in this Hobby the itch to upgrade is always present but of all the Headphones I've had the chance to use none were so much better than these or my HD-600s for that matter.... that I felt they would replace these in every day use.... Actually the only pair I've used that were much better were the Focal Stellia's and finally since I don't have $3000 to spend I've decided I can live with these . The build quality although mostly plastic is phenomenal and the HD-580s I've owned since the 90s is proof to their longevity.... Easily these are the first Headphones I suggest to anyone..... As far as Massdrop or Drop goes they still offer some great gear at a great price unfortunately they have gotten away from being high quality at a budget price like with the 789 Amplifier which is decent but at $400 which is $50 more than the original price has been eclipsed by true balanced thx from Monoprice and much cheaper Thx from SMSL ..... The idea of having to wait a while to get a greatly reduced price from Massdrop was kind of their business model and now they are just Amazon with less products .
May 18, 2018
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