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May 28, 2018
note: I just play videogames, watch movies and listen to music casually. I'm not a big audio nerd.
Got these and the HE4XX just a few months ago and think I'm ready to share some thoughts:

dude nice: There seem to be two teams on every discussion about HE4XX vs HD6XX: Team Detail and Team Atmosphere. If you love watching movies and listen to music for fun rather than for all the details, the HD6XX are the clear winner. It's easier to immerse yourself into a movie or tv show or to "get lost" in the music when you have the HD6XX on.
meh: In video games, the HE4XX have these beat if positioning and highs are more your thing. You always feel like something's missing if you're playing games in HD6XX. Everything sounds good, sure, but you can't help but feel like "the punchline" is missing.

I might have made it sound like there is a night-and-day difference between these two headphones, but all in all you can really tell they're in the same ballpark. If you're coming from ATH-M50x or another sub-150$ pair of headphones, you will love either one of these.
In the end it really comes down to gut feeling. If you feel you're more on Team Detail, get the HE4XX. If you're on Team Atmosphere, get the 6XX.
May 28, 2018
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