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May 30, 2018
So I was in the early February drop and my headphones are shipping right now. As soon as I got the notification that my headphones were shipping I went to Schiit and ordered a Fulla 2. My headphones are scheduled to arrive next Tuesday (it's wednesday now) and the Fulla 2 on Friday. Shipping is weird. My headphones took only a couple days to arrive in California, where I live, but have just been hanging out in the LA area for a couple days. I live like 4 hours away. My Fulla 2 didn't actually ship until early tuesday morning, but it ships from the LA area. The crazy thing is it has also been hanging around the LA area. So I have two things being shipped, both in roughly the same location, both about 4 hours away and yet they wont get to me for several days more, maybe even close to a week for one of them...we'll see.
It's been a while since I've ordered anything that wasn't from Amazon...but I remember it was a similar experience of a product just hanging out in an area for days. I can order something from amazon and get it the next day despite not even asking for it next day. I've had things arrive an entire week early from amazon before. At first this annoyed me that it's taking so long, comparatively...but then I put my tin foil hat amazon getting priority? If the standard shipping is applied to two products, one bought from amazon, one not, will the product from amazon get their days before the scheduled arrival date but the other one get there just barely on time...or maybe even a day or two late? This is a bit frightening if you think about it. Whatever deal amazon gets from shipping companies gives them a huge advantage...truth be told if the Fulla 2s were available on amazon I would have bought mine there, especially knowing it'd get here quicker...not that it matters since I can't use it until my headphones come in.
May 30, 2018
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