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Jun 5, 2018
Long story short: These are unbelievably good value for the money and if you are into open back sound compared to closed back cans(read: value balanced sound with open airy soundstage over boomy bass), then you really can't go wrong with these. Gave me goosebumps listening to some of my favorites again.

Long story: I'm nowhere near an audiophile, but I've been listening to a pair of HD 595's for quite a few years. Those were really easy to drive and I had been driving them off an old Yamaha stereo receiver's headphone port(which I now realize is of dubious quality), or my cellphone jack. I upgraded to an Audioquest Dragonfly Black 1.5 plugged into laptop, then added a Schiit Magni 2 Uber(also serves as my pre-amp to bookshelf speaker receiver). The HD 595's definitely sounded better with clearer mids, a bit more bass, and a wider soundstage, but the difference wasn't really jaw dropping from when I just plugged directly into the Dragonfly. So now that I had some nice power to drive bigger cans I was looking for the next level. These HD 6XX's are simply amazing and tick all the boxes for diverse musical tastes and listening comfort. It is like listening to my favorite songs for the first time. Simply amazing how music can make one feel so emotional. I love these headphones.
Jun 5, 2018
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