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Jun 5, 2018
Just got mine yesterday and I am completely satisfied. The sound out of these things is so well rounded for a "fun" listening experience while simultaneously bringing out detail and texture in music and vocals that you will never hear with a pair of "normal" headphones. In fact they might "ruin" normal headphones for you since you'll know what you're missing.
I paired mine with a SMSL 793ii and the two worked beautifully together. The first thing I listened to was "All Day" by Girl Talk as I'm very familiar with it and happened to have a FLAC of it handy. I was immediately impressed by the clarity and definition from lows to highs but what stood out was how the sound stage and definition worked together to make each sample's unique sound profile stand out and contrast with the others. At 1:50 into the first track there is a bass note that pitch bends up several octaves and was so well defined and present that it made me laugh how awesome it sounded. I just listen to the same part again on some earbuds and it might as well be a different song. (Aside: "All Day" is available free online because it's made entirely from mashing up un-authorized samples. Check it out as it's very good if you're not allergic to pop music)
In terms of non-sound stuff, I would prefer black to the midnight blue but it's a fair price for getting such a good deal on these cans. They're plenty comfortable if not mind-alteringly so. The do come packaged in a nice hinged box with custom fit foam which is a nice touch. I also like that being open backed I can hear just fine with them on once I mute my music, should someone need to talk to me when I have them on. With earbuds or closed back cans I have to take them off to hear anything.
Jun 5, 2018
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