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Jun 8, 2018
I'm convinced "best" does not exist beyond what you are able to put on your head (and care to afford). For comparison's sake, I have a HeadRoom micro stack, an upgraded Little Dot 1+ and an ifi micro iDSD BL for the desk and a iBasso DX80 portable. All of these have the umph to drive the HD 6XXs, though all are amplified sources and not wimpy. Anyone getting their first or perhaps buying these without experience and expecting to plug into a source without amplification of some sort should not. They need to be driven to their potential. Even the old HeadRoom stack sounds wonderful. I found their sweetspot to be through the ifi - no added bass or "3D", just 1/2 volume at full ohm boost. Textures are deep and wide. Rock, jazz, symphony all sound as true as I like. I've really enjoyed the last couple of weeks with them. I will say the least enjoyable listening was via the Little Dot, where higher pitched vocals sound a bit shrill. Build quality, comfort, weight, temperature even at long hours is blissful. I do not have a more comfortable pair.
Jun 8, 2018
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