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Jun 8, 2018
It's indeed much cheaper than the HD650, HD600 on the Canadian markets (and it was worth the wait and the customs). CONS: it has a wicked head squeeze fresh from the (very nice) storage box. It can be modified by GENTLY flexing the spring steel bands (slowly, over several sessions [***Edit, some sources claim flexing the plastic headband will crack it. My opinion... for flexibility, steel > plastic]). GOOD TO KNOW: to get their full performance, I'm using an external headphone amplifier with its gain switch on "high". PLUS: it has a shorter cable (and is best for home use); solid, light-plastic construction, with a spring steel band; it fits over big Charlie Brown heads; and, audio is superior to my elderly Sennheiser HD515 & HD555 (if my HD6xx lasts as long as those 2 pairs, I'm happy). I wouldn’t use it outside with a iDevice. My "audio nervosa" (nod to starts acting up when I try to describe the audio quality. So, I won't. Meh, I like it. I like it a lot. March, 2019 update: I had to get waranty work done on the cable. GENTLE flexing at the jack started to cause sporadic short-circuits. MASSDROP promptly processed the claim (and I'm satisifed again). Suggestion: use an L-adapter to allow the cable to drape perpendicular to the floor. Treat the jack like eggs!
Jun 8, 2018
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