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Jun 12, 2018
Magnificent! That about sums it up right there! I've had other high end headphones in the past like Grado, AKG and a pair of JBL's that I thought were quite nice but these HD6XX's take the cake. From their silky smooth highs to their present but not in your face low end, these headphones are amongst the best made. The midrange is where they shine. Very detailed and well balanced is all I can say about these Sennheiser's! Build quality is nothing short of fantastic. They feel very high quality with snug clamping pressure but not too much so they feel uncomfortable. Simply put, it's the best $200 that I've ever spent on high end audio equipment! Now I have to re-listen to all my music through these beauties just to hear what I've been missing! Well done Sennheiser!!!
Jun 12, 2018
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