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Jun 20, 2018
Well worth the wait time of almost 4 months, Sounds great connected to my SoundBlaster AE-5 Audio Card. My only negative is the choice of Courier that was used for the UK. DHL Global was used for the transit across the USA then via Air Freight to the UK but once this was done the Courier changed to Yodel.
This company never has its own drivers, they use outside contracts to hire people to drive Yodel vans. These delivery drivers only get paid if the parcel has been signed for, Weather its been delivered to the right address or not. Only very recently(Last Week) they again have been reported by Rip-Off Britain for lost of parcels in transit. So why was my parcel allowed to be given to Yodel to take it from Heathrow Airport Customs instead of continuing its journey from the Import/Duty company with DHL ?
I contacted Massdrop through the Help Desk portal about my concern about their choice of Yodel has a UK Courier but have had no apology or contact back has of yet. Would I recommend this, Of course I would, its a great product and Massdrop is a very good source for a lot of things within the USA, For those of us outside that country, delivery needs to be controlled better has in my experience with the courier Yodel, it shouldn't take a parcel to travel 220 miles 7 days to get to my house when it can be done easily within 24 hours.....
Parcel Condition on delivery = Large Foot print and damage all around corners of parcel, dented in places. Headphone Box condition = Good but has damage from above abuse, the box is nowhere near mint condition... Internal Box Condition = Foam took a beating but Headphones have No visible damage. Headphone Condition = Works.
Jun 20, 2018
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