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Jun 22, 2018
Finally got my pair and wow. Range is good and sound is superb but what I immediately noticed is a separation of instruments and a very open soundstage. First run was through a Zorloo ZuperDac S (picked up recently off their crowdfunding page and not through here) feeding into a Bravo Audio V2 Amplifier. Audio source is Spotify on Laptop. This is my work setup but I usually run B&W P9 headphones and sometimes the 1More Quad Driver in ears (depending on my preference of the day).
Want to try this through my AudioQuest Dragonfly Red and Tidal MQA tracks and see how these headphones handle it but so far it's awesome and more relaxed open sound in comparison to my P9s (which are 4.5x more in terms of cost). The other reviews do a far better job but just want to say these are awesome.
Jun 22, 2018
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