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Jun 24, 2018
At work and for tracking in my studio, I use closed phones (AKG K553 pros). For listening at home (mostly classical and opera), I had switched back and forth between the AKG K501 and K7XX, with occasional excursions with Grado sr80s for rock, etc, but now the HD 6XX enters the rotation. It's a really nice contrast from any of the AKGs, with a more forward engaging presentation that feels like it's transmitting through your skull a bit rather than just surrounding it. This strength is also the only caveat I have, because combined with the clamping force it can make me slightly claustrophobic after longer sessions, and putting on the AKG K7XX can feel like a relief. Overall I find them comfortable , and the sound signature is balanced and detailed. Bass is a weird topic with headphones because a lot of comments I've seen about bass on any given headphone doesn't correspond to my experience with that same model. I don't desire any more bass than what's in the original mix, and I judge that by material I've recorded myself and listened to on a variety of monitors. I'll always take detail over boom boom. The HD 6XX is honest enough, more exciting in the lower frequencies than the AKG K501s, and has plenty of thump for me, even on bass heavy material like Dub and EDM, but if you want your molars rattled, they might not satisfy.
Basically, a great overall open headphone, made almost a no-brainer purchase by the price.
Jun 24, 2018
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