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Jun 30, 2018
I wanted to give some time for these headphones before I review them. As I see it HD6XX has become very popular thanks to years of success of the HD650 and numerous reviews saying practically the same thing – don’t think too much, these are a steal for 200 USD and way better than any other famous brands at this price category. My path to better audio began after I purchased HD439 then a CMOY amp for them. Later I’ve got HD598 and FiiO E10K and the jump of the quality was huge – I never looked back and old headphones just rest for other uses than straight listening to music. The jump in quality when HD6XX was plugged to Aune X1s was very subtle at first and I was somehow questioning myself if this upgrade was worth it. So I took the time to better evaluate them because you don’t need to rush and spoil the experience – very good things come up not so fast. And I was right. I am not going to describe the sound – that was already done many times. The thing is that when you love headphones in a first place you want to experiment to alter the sound and change it – to buy Koss KSC75 or Monoprice Retro then mod them to hell, do bass mods on HD439, swap opamps, amps, EQ music (don’t do that). I don’t want to experiment any more, I like straight HD6XX and straight sound from decent solid state amp. Maybe for now… To relax and revisit old tracks.
I think that would be my end game at this category (Headphones). Because I think I am at 98 % of the quality from music you might expect. Additional 2 % would cost maybe ten times more than I’ve spent. My advice to people who are buying HD6XX before knowing what open back headphones are all about and what high impedance is and that headphone amps are a must – stop, do research and consider all that. Good luck.
Jun 30, 2018
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